Podcast – Tiger Driver ’91 – Episode 0


“Damn, Dino Bravo: Your Life Was Lit”

Welcome to Nerdo’s inaugural episode of Tiger Driver ’91, the wrestling podcast that will compliment “Phoning It In,” starring Jerry and Glenn. The shows are going to alternate. This week it’s TD, next week they’ll phone it in, and so on, and so forth.

To quickly explain: the original members of Tiger Driver were Carlos and Fre, known to our readers here on Nerdopotamus as Team WCW. Jerry Mascolo and Joey Finnegan, known as Team WWE here on Nerdo, would later join. Depending on the circumstances, you might catch any combination of the four of them here on TD ’91.

This week, Carlos is still away on vacation. So, Fre, Jerry, and Joey hold it down by reviewing the recent New Japan shows and news, WWE Fastlane and its fall out, Dino Bravo, and much much more!

PS: If you would like to read more about Dino Bravo’s unfortunate passing, you can click HERE.