The Best Moment of RAW (2/22/2016)


This week’s best moment of RAW is so easy, it’s not even funny. Recently, the WWE was hyping up how they were going to hand out the Vincent J. McMahon Legacy of Excellence Award. Everyone figured it was a work, but to what end?

To answer that question, this episode of RAW kicked off with Vincent K. McMahon coming out to present the award. Moments later, Stephanie was in the ring, accepting it. Before¬†she could say a word, however, Shane’s music hit, and out he came.

That’s right, people, as you can see from the featured image, SHANE O’MAC IS BACK!

Within minutes, he had a deal worked out with his pops: Shane will face Undertaker at WrestleMania 32…inside Hell in a Cell. If he wins, he gets control of Monday Night Raw! This is all real. I’m not making any of this up. Shane McMahon is back in WWE, and he’s facing Taker at ‘Mania.

My hype levels are through the roof.


Yeah, this is one of those weeks that had more than one good segment. We are on the road to WrestleMania, after all. That’s why, last night, we learned Dean Ambrose will be facing Brock Lesnar at the Showcase of the Immortals. That is an infinitely better use of Brock than his previously rumored ‘Mania match (against Bray, or his whole family).

It all started because Brock was angry that Dean cost him the match at Fastlane, and as a result, the title shot against Triple H at WM. So, he attacked him in the parking garage before the show. Due to his injuries, Ambrose was escorted out of the building in an ambulance.

Then, while Brock and Paul Heyman¬†were in the ring cutting a promo, the sirens sounded out. Moments later, Ambrose drove the same ambulance back into the arena, and dragged himself towards the ring. Brock watched with amusement as The Lunatic Fringe willingly pulled his broken carcass into the lion’s den. So broken, in fact, that he couldn’t even make it to the ring. He stopped just short, and crumpled.

So, Brock being a straight G, climbed out of the ring, and stepped on Dean’s face as he walked past him. That is a straight up power move.

(Courtesy of

Right before The Beast could head to the back, Ambrose grabbed a microphone, and made his WrestleMania challenge. Heyman quickly accepted on his client’s behalf, bringing us confirmation of another match on the card that I actually care about.


I cannot wait to see the story those two guys tell in that ring. The same goes for Shane v. Taker, actually. This coming ‘Mania just got a lot more interesting. Now we just have to find out who Kevin Owens will be facing (please give me AJ Styles for the IC title – that match would be hot fire).


Mr. X