Finn Balor Imitates Bayley’s Entrance

finn balor

If you’re a big wrestling fan, then odds are you saw the video that was making the rounds right after Finn Balor hurt his ankle at an NXT live show. Oh, you didn’t? Well, here it is. Bayley makes a Balor entrance, wearing a Balor Club jacket, and hitting all the right beats.

Fast forward a couple weeks, and Finn is completely recovered from his injury. We can only assume that’s why he decided to repay the favor, and make a pretty glorious entrance as Bayley. Check it out!

WWE NXT: Finn Bálor dresses up as Bayley“Finn 3:16 says I just HUGGED your ass!!” – Finn Bálor to Bayley at #NXTAlbany Saturday night.

Posted by WWE NXT on Saturday, February 20, 2016

FEATURED IMAGE CREDIT: Youtube screenshot.