Certified Banger Sunday – Dean Ambrose vs. Daniel Bryan

certified banger sunday

Welcome back to “Certified Banger Sunday,” where we at Nerdopotamus provide you with a way to make your day just a little bit more entertaining. With Fastlane mere hours away, I, Walter, thought I’d hit you with something inspired by that PPV. Dean Ambrose is in the main event. I’m a big fan of The Lunatic Fringe, so I’m hyped AF that he’s at the top of the card.

That’s why I decided to take a quick look into his past, and see if I could find anything to spotlight here. I simply searched “Jon Moxley best match,” and quickly found something (Jon Moxley was Dean’s name on the independent circuit, for anyone who doesn’t know). In the following video, Jon/Dean locks up with Bryan Danielson, the man who would famously go on to become Daniel Bryan.

FEATURED IMAGE CREDIT: Youtube screenshot.

Walter Winchester