Daniel Bryan’s Final Match

daniel bryan's final match

I watched this when it aired. I remember not thinking too much of it. Don’t get me wrong, I was hyped AF on the sheer amount of talent involved, but at the end of the day, it’s SmackDown we’re talking about. It’s not like something monumental was going to happen.

Yet, here we are. If I were to go back in time to April 17th, 2015, and tell past Barry that this match was Bryan’s last, he wouldn’t know what to do. I’d shatter that guy’s existence. Though, at least D-Bry went out in a ring dripping with gold. At the time of this match, The Yes Man was the Intercontinental Champion, Cena was the United States Champion, and Kidd and Cesaro were killing it as the Tag Team Champions.

Now one of them is retired, and the other three are injured. This is most definitely the darkest timeline!

FEATURED IMAGE CREDIT: Youtube screenshot.

Barry Ford