The Best Moment of RAW (2/8/2016)


Welcome to “The Best Moment of RAW.” I am Mr. X, and I have to thank Scott Kolich for covering this series while I was sick. I’m back now, though, and it’s just in time. Normally, I have to take a few minutes to really decide what moment was the best from any given episode. This time, not so much.

The choice is obvious: Daniel Bryan’s retirement speech. Yesterday, before RAW, Bryan took to Twitter to announce his retirement, saying that he would elaborate later in the night. That’s exactly what he did, and it was heartbreaking. He explained that he took test after test on his brain, and the results kept coming back in his favor. Until they didn’t.

He took a new test, and the results were bad enough to convince him that it was time to hang up his boots. It’s a crying shame, but I think all of us fans are happy that he has made his health and future his number one priority. Thank you for every performance, Daniel Bryan. Now go and live a happy life with your wife. You two can garden, and make babies, and all that good stuff.

You deserve it.

In case your heart wasn’t thoroughly shattered by the speech, and the above interview, here’s a picture that should definitely finish the job:


Mr. X