“A Goofy Movie” in Live Action

a goofy movie

On the most recent edition of “Certified Banger Sunday,” we covered the soundtrack for the classic Disney film, “A Goofy Movie.” While putting that post together, we saw the following video, but didn’t take the time to actually see what was up with it. Thankfully, earlier, we were reminded of it, and went back to watch. It is a live action version of the song, “After Today,” and it is fantastic! The amount of work and cooperation that went into it is staggering.

If you enjoyed “A Goofy Movie” in the slightest, you need to do yourself a favor, and press play. It went over so well that Disney showed it at one of their D23 conventions, in an effort to celebrate the film’s 20th anniversary. That must have been one hell of a moment for the creators.

FEATURED IMAGE CREDIT: © Buena Vista Pictures- all rights reserved.