Stone Cold Steve Austin Watches Mankind Win the WWF Championship

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This moment has already been covered in a short article here on Nerdopotamus. It was January 4th, 1999. The Monday Night Wars were still being waged between the two top tier wrestling promotions in the country: WWF and WCW.

On that night, WCW aired this disaster. They also gave away the end of WWF’s show, revealing that Mick Foley was going to win the heavyweight title from The Rock in their main event. It is one of the biggest mistakes that the company made while engaged in battle with Vince McMahon’s sports entertainment enterprise. As the story goes, it was at that point, that a ton of viewers switched from World Championship Wrestling, over to the World Wrestling Federation.

We’ve heard from a million different people about this night. Mick Foley has talked about it on many occasions, as has Eric Bischoff, and plenty of others. Yet, I had never heard Stone Cold Steve Austin’s thoughts on the matter. He was integral to the moment. He came out around ten minutes into the no disqualifications match, and absolutely nailed The Great One with a chair. Then he pulled Mick Foley over him, and the pin was counted.




Your winner, and the NEW WWF Champion: Mankind!

Man, I got goosebumps typing that last sentence out. Thinking about that moment will always get me. I remember exactly where I was when it happened. I was standing in front of my television, absolutely HYPED on everything that was unfolding in front of me. I vividly remember losing it when Mankind got the three.

Anyway, that’s enough about me. Stone Cold Steve Austin has a new episode of his podcast out, and in it, he watches The Rock vs. Mankind again. He was sent an email asking him what he remembered about that night, and more specifically, the pop he received when his music hit. To answer the question, he was only going to check out the pop. Instead, he decided he really wanted to dig into it.

So, he used a Daily Motion video link included in the original email, and recorded himself watching and breaking down the match. He tells you when to pause, exactly what second of the video to go to, and even more. Stone Cold is essentially your tour guide through one of the greatest moments in WWE history.

Do yourself a favor, and check it out. The podcast and video link are both posted below.

WWF Raw Is War – 4/1/1999 The Rock vs Mankind… by powerspyin1


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