Would Macho Man Have Worked as the Leader of the NWO?

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Earlier today, I was watching a legends roundtable about the New World Order. The legends in question were J.J. Dillon, Michael P.S. Hayes, Jim Ross, Gene Okerlund, and Kevin Nash. At some point during the conversation, Nash brought up how if Hogan didn’t take the ball and lead the NWO, the backup choice was Sting. For some reason, after I heard it, I was struck with this thought: “why not Macho Man?”

I’ve heard that particular behind the scenes tidbit about a million times already. I’ve known for years that Sting was plan B, even though he didn’t want any part of it. Why did this instance bring about questions concerning The Madness?

Unfortunately, I can’t answer that. I can’t even answer the main question of this article. See, I wondered why not Macho, because the whole NWO angle was sold as WWF guys invading WCW. Hogan was the number one WWF guy, obviously, but wouldn’t you say that Randy Savage was number two?

I took the topic to Nerdo’s very own Fre, and he countered with some great points. The biggest being that Macho Man had already spent significant time as a heel. I’ll admit: that certainly would’ve lessened the shock value of the turn. However, I still think NWO could have worked with Savage at the helm.

Don’t get me wrong, at the end of the day, obviously the right man was chosen. There’s absolutely no denying that. I’m simply throwing out a talking point. We’ve had a solid amount on the website, overall, but the Nerdopotamus.com Facebook page has been lousy with comments lately. I’m hoping that continues here, so I can read all of your thoughts on the matter.

Would the NWO have worked so well with Macho Man Randy Savage as the third man?


The comments have started to roll in on the Nerdopotamus Facebook page. Click on the embedded post below to take a look through all of them. Opinion is pretty split so far.

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