The Best Moment of RAW (1/25/2016)



Late last night, I got a phone call from our friend Mr. X. He said he was sick, and unable to watch Monday Night Raw. From there, he asked if I could step in, and boil this week’s solid episode down to its best moments. So, here I am.

Over the last few years, the Raw after a pay-per-view has become something of an event in and of itself. Thankfully, the trend continued last night. On top of that, it seems like whatever WWE got wrong in 2015 has stayed there, as, thus far this year, the product has only gotten better and better every week. The 2016 Royal Rumble last night was the best pay per view in a very long time time.

Anyways, let’s get started….

The biggest pop of the night went to the Rock, who was returning to his hometown. After a long segment, and some typical off-script hilarity from Rocky, the pesky New Day came out to try and rain on The Great One’s parade. When they tried to tuck their tails and run to the back, Jimmy and Jey forced them into the ring, to a waiting People’s Champ. He pounced, hitting a Rock Bottom, Samoan Drop, and People’s Elbow, disposing of the always annoying New Day.

My second moment of the night was the highly anticipated Raw debut of the Phenomenal 1: AJ Styles. Who better to have his singles debut against than the 6 time WWE Champion, and first ever Undisputed Champion, Y2J Chris Jericho? The match was, dare I say…phenomenal. AJ survived a liontamer and an all-out assault by Jericho to score his first win in WWE.

AJ was impressive, unleashing most of the patented, unorthodox offense that makes him such a treat to watch. Only thing missing from this match was the best damn finisher in the business right now: The Styles Clash. Rock on, AJ!

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The single best moment came after the main event. I, like many other fans, miss the awesomeness that was The Shield. Well, once the match against the League of Nations’ Sheamus and Rusev was done, Roman got his payback for the heinous attack at the Rumble.

After a brief assault on Rusev, Roman and Dean brought out the classic Shield Powerbomb, sending The Bulgarian Brute right through the announcer’s table.

It was AWESOME!!!


NOTE: If you don’t want to watch the whole segment, skip to 3:16 to see the moment in question.