CBFU: “From The Shop”

cbfu, poison ivy

Nerdo’s journey into the world of comic books continues. This time, our guides are CBFU members Isaac Platizky and his brother Sam, who was sitting in for our very own Fre. You may not know this, but Fre is a busy man. He does this show, and two other podcasts, as well as crushing articles here on Nerdopotamus. When you have commitments such as those, a conflict is bound to occur. That’s exactly what happened.

“From The Shop” was filming at the same time that one of Fre’s podcasts was recording. He chose to do the podcast, Between Two Beards” (or B2B), because it was the show’s 50th episode.┬áThis didn’t sit well with the brothers Platizky, who had some strong words for the men behind B2B, declaring war for sole custody of our intrepid writer.

Once that’s done, they get down to business and tell you about “American Monster,” “Poison Ivy: Cycle of Life and Death,” “Captain Marvel,” and more!