C.B.S. – Jerry Goes Beyond Wrestling

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Welcome to one of the longest running series’ here on Nerdopotamus.com, “Certified Banger Sunday.” It’s fitting that Jerry Mascolo has such a big role in this week’s installment, as he actually created the whole thing. The story goes as such: Jerry and I were trying to muster up the strength to watch and review an old episode of Monday Night Raw, and it wasn’t happening.

At some point, The Swiss Superman came up, and Mr. Mascolo, AKA The Hype Chief, dropped this video on me, and blew my mind. I immediately asked him to put it up here on Nerdo. I didn’t care what he named the post. As long as that slice of crazy was readily available for me. That’s when, in an off-handed manner, Jerry typed in a title, saying each word aloud, as he did…

“Certified. Banger. Sunday.”

Done and done. Now that we’re through with the background, let’s move on to why we’re here. A few weeks back, our very own Jerry Mascolo traveled to Rhode Island to take in a Beyond Wrestling show. Jerry’s opinion on what he saw can be best summed up as, “lit.”

For those wondering, Urban Dictionary has two very relevant definitions for the three letter word:

  1. LIT: The state of being so intoxicated (regardless of the intoxicating agent) that all the person can do is smile, so that they look lit up like a light.
  2. LIT: When something is turned up or popping…

Here is how number two would go, if it were used in a conversation:

John: Did you go to that party last night?

Daquan: Yes, that shit was lit.

Get where I’m going with this? The following video is only a small sampling of the lit wrestling that a lit Jerry stood ringside for.

NOTE: If you pay attention from 1:53-1:57, you can see Jerry on the right side of the frame, hyped on the kick being delivered. If you subscribe to Beyond Wrestling’s streaming service, however, you can watch all of “Fete Finale,” and you’ll see a lot more of him. More importantly, you will not regret your purchase. Look at what you just watched, and remember that it is only a music video featuring some of one show.

Tell me Jerry didn’t nail it.

That shit is L-I-T….


FEATURED IMAGE CREDIT: Sami Callihan makes his Beyond Wrestling debut at “Fete Finale” (Taken by Harry Aaron, grabbed from the Beyond FB page)

Joseph Finnegan