CBFU PODCAST: The Secret Wars Finale

secret wars

Comic Book Fans United, our newfound guides through the world of comics, have made their way back to Nerdopotamus.com. This time, they’re here to tell you all about the finale of Marvel’s massive event series, “Secret Wars.”

That, plus they throw some shout outs to the members of their Facebook group. Speaking of which, time for a shameless plug before we get to the podcast.

Looking for a reckless group of individuals you can talk to about comic books? Then you need to join CBFU on FB. Inside that group, you will find every, single soul that you’re about to see on camera.

So, click play and find out how they feel about “Secret Wars.” That way, if you disagree, you can tell them so. They may have a civil discussion. Or, they may tear you to pieces. Depends on the mood they’re in.

FEATURED IMAGE CREDIT: marvel.wikia.com