About That Daniel Bryan Email…

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The entire wrestling world has been trolled by a dude who calls himself “SCOTSMAN.” What a glorious troll it was, as well. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then let me fill you in.

Yesterday, I woke up to news that a WWE employee had processed the release of Daniel Bryan. You know, the most over guy that the WWE has had on their roster in a very long time. Almost everyone I know bought into it – except me. Don’t get me wrong, I was very close. I won’t take that away from SCOTSMAN. His trolling was top notch.

As a poster on Reddit put it, it’s the unnecessary details. They lull you into a false sense of security. It also helped that Scott Keith had an actual reader write in, and tip him off about John Cena leaving to do a reality show. That gave his site enough credibility for even me to question the D-Bry report.

The only reason I never fully bit is because it didn’t make any sense. Even if they’re not going to let him wrestle, you can bet your ass the WWE is going to take advantage of each and every second that they have Daniel Bryan contracted for. He may want to, desperately, but the company does not need him to get into the ring to make money off the guy.

Here he is in Singapore, on behalf of the company (Courtesy of WWE.com)
Here he is in Singapore, on behalf of the company (Courtesy of WWE.com)

Anyway, here’s the email in question. Give it a read, and then we’ll continue.


Can’t believe I’m doing this – I’m writing from a throwaway account but please keep my details private anyway. Although feel free to paste the whole e-mail or delete it. Sorry just a bit frazzled.

Okay so I’ve been debating all weekend whether to send this e-mail or not. I’ll be honest – one major reason I’m doing this is because when it all comes out I want to silently smile and say “Yep, I called it”. Not out loud or anything but just privately to myself.

This is going to be hard to believe and you probably get a lot of nutjobs writing every day – but I work in WWE HR. I’m not high up the totem pole by any means though.

So on Friday one of my co-workers had to process a release – and that release was for Daniel Bryan.

Monday, January 18th is the date that is listed for when the deal is processed. Not sure exactly why – my coworker was very quiet about the whole thing other than letting a few people know.

And to be honest she didn’t let me know – I’m not in her inner circle. I just overheard her telling someone else and she was in shock.

Not sure why it’s a week away or anything like that as our usual releases are dated that very day. She seemed shocked by it all. Anyway that’s all I know. Going to click send before I chicken out now.”

Do you see it yet? Do you see how SCOTSMAN did it? If not, read the first letter of every paragraph.









(Gifsoup.com - posted by kentaro1357)
(posted by kentaro1357)

I told you guys it was an excellent troll. To SCOTSMAN’s credit, I don’t think even he thought this troll would blow up as huge as it did. Tons of websites covered the story. A lot of them chopped off the beginning of the email, starting it at “I work in WWE HR.” All that did was help SCOTSMAN troll the world.

A little background: SCOTSMAN and Scott Keith have a rivalry that dates back years and years. They have been a part of the IWC since the ’90’s. When, according to another poster on Reddit (in the same thread linked above), the Internet Wrestling Community was an actual subset of fans in any given arena.

Given their beef, it should come as no surprise that this isn’t the first time SCOTSMAN has trolled Scott Keith. I also sincerely doubt it will be the last. This nonsense has been going on for the better part of two decades.

So, in conclusion: Daniel Bryan isn’t going anywhere, and I wouldn’t trust a single shred of news that has the name Scott Keith on it. For the next time you do, you may be inserting yourself into the middle of an internet rivalry that has lasted almost as long as I’ve been alive (I’m 26 years old).


PS: Scott Keith has acknowledged the trolling on his website. Click HERE to see it. 

Joseph Finnegan