Jonah Hex To Appear on “Legends of Tomorrow”

jonah hex

The character Jonah Hex has made the leap to live-action once before, and it was absolutely terrible. The film, titled, “Jonah Hex,” was horribly received, both critically, and financially. The only redeeming element was Josh Brolin’s performance as Jonah. I’d include Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s role as redeeming, but he wasn’t in it long enough.

Anyway, it seems that the character will be making his television debut on the upcoming CW series, “Legends of Tomorrow.” It will happen in episode eleven of the first season. Who knows why, but I’m sure the team will time travel back to the old west, and run into the disfigured gunslinger.

Here’s hoping his appearance is more like the short, DC animated film, and less like the feature length crapfest that DC and WB unleashed on the world.

Dc Showcase: Jonah Hex from Steve Rogers on Vimeo.

FEATURED IMAGE CREDIT: Warner Bros. Picture – © ª &DC Comics. All Rights Reserved.

Barry Ford