The Best Moment of RAW (1/11/2016)

Welcome back to The Best Moment of RAW, where I, Mr. X, boil an episode of Monday Night Raw down to the very best it had to offer. It used to be I would watch the episode, and update an article throughout. Then I started to fall asleep at my keyboard.

Now I cover my favorite moment from the episode. Sometimes I do more than one. Depends on the show. This one will get multiple moments, because it actually wasn’t the worst RAW I’ve ever seen.


Kallisto won the United States Championship from Alberto Del Rio last night. It was played off as a massive upset, which works beautifully for the young luchador, helping to sell him as someone who should never be underestimated. The match itself wasn’t bad, either. Definitely one of the better ones that Del Rio has put on since coming back to the WWE.


Brock Lesnar returned last night! Paul Heyman spent the whole episode trying to negotiate on Lesnar’s behalf. See, Brock doesn’t want to be in The Royal Rumble. He thinks he deserves to be propelled to the main event of WrestleMania, meaning the winner of the Rumble would go on to face him. Unfortunately for the beast and his advocate, Vince McMahon didn’t like the idea.

By the end of the episode, it was clear that Brock wasn’t going to get what he wanted. So, The Beast Incarnate came out and made one hell of a statement during Vince McMahon’s version of 1 vs. All, which was really just Reigns vs. Owens as other heels cheered KO on.

His statement? Laying everyone right the fuck out.


During that 1 vs. All challenge, Kevin Owens looked strong AF. It was actually sort of weird. Reigns wasn’t injured or anything. The whole thing was supposed to be Roman taking on numerous members of the roster, so as to simulate what he’ll have to go through at The Royal Rumble. Then KO tossed him around for almost the entire match. I’m hyped on it!

Roman making other guys look strong? What is the world coming to? (Courtesy of

The psychology behind that is huge. If not on the same level, it certainly puts KO close to Roman. On top of that, he was beating down the chosen one right in front of Vince McMahon. Forget about Stephanie. Vince was at ringside, watching as Kevin Owens tore apart the man that he thinks will be the face of his company IRL. KO hit a Frog Splash on Reigns from off the ring apron, onto the floor. It was dope as hell.

Slap hands! Slap hands! (Courtesy of

Maybe it’s me reading too much into things, but I think Kevin Owens has something very big ahead of him.


Chris Jericho is a scoundrel! Last night, he broke Francesca, Xavier Wood’s trombone.

WHY?!?!? She was so young (Courtesy of

As huge fans of all three members of New Day, and Francesca, we’re asking that you help bring Y2J to justice (see the wanted poster below for information on your reward).


Stardust paid tribute to David Bowie last night. It was simple, but really great.

Well, this turned into a top 5. What was your favorite moment of last night’s show? Feel free to hit the comment section, and tell me all about it.


Mr. X