Sting To Enter WWE Hall of Fame in 2016


Earlier today, I got a message from the WWE app that’s installed on my phone. That message informed me that Sting will be getting inducted into this year’s class of the WWE Hall of Fame. This is beyond well-deserved. The man should be in any wrestling hall of fame, anywhere on earth.

That is a speech that I will be watching. Also, I’m willing to bet that Ric Flair inducts him. That would be very fitting, considering some of the battles they had in the past.

We love the Stinger here on, and as such, we’ve put together some work on the man. If you’re feeling nostalgic now that he got the nod, feel free to head over into any of the following articles.

“Starrcade 1997 and Sting’s Botched Moment”

Focuses on that PPV, and its unfortunately disastrous main event.

“Anger, Tears, and a Ripped Sting Trading Card”  

This is a tale of heartbreak. Back in 1996, nWo Sting fooled a lot of people into thinking Sting joined the New World Order, and our writer, Fre, was one of them. Join him as he tells his tale, which involves the desecration of a prized possession.

“The Many Faces of Sting”

Much like “The Baller Life of Macho Man Randy Savage,” this is simply a collection of fantastic pictures found on

“Night of Champions 2015 and Sting’s Warrior Moment”

This final Sting article covers what could very well be his last match, opposite Seth Rollins at WWE’s 2015 PPV, Night of Champions. Includes quotes from Sting about the unfortunate injuries he sustained during the bout.

Hope you enjoy your reading. If you’re looking for a Sting match to watch on the WWE Network, I suggest anything opposite Big Van Vader or Ric Flair. Sting had some of his best matches against those guys.


PS: Speaking of which, I’ve heard rumors about Vader going into the hall this year, too. Hope that’s true. He also deserves it.
Walter Winchester