TRAILER: “Elvis & Nixon”

elvis & nixon

Elvis Presley meeting Richard Nixon has fascinated people since the news got out that it happened back in 1970. Hell, the photo that captured the moment between Elvis & Nixon is the most requested picture in the National Archives. By now, it’s become the stuff of legend.

I assume that’s why the story has been made into a film – again. That’s right, this is not the first time. The meeting of President and King was already dramatized back in 1997. With that said, something tells me that this will be the definitive telling of the tale.

After all, it stars Kevin Spacey as Richard Nixon, and Michael Shannon as Elvis Presley. Those are two great actors. They’ve also both played big villains in the world of Superman, which has nothing to do with the subject at hand. Just thought it was an interesting little tidbit.

Anyway, here is that picture I mentioned in the first paragraph, followed by the trailer for “Elvis & Nixon.”

elvis & nixon
Nixon and Presley met on December 21, 1970, but the meeting was kept secret until Jan. 27, 1972, when the Washington Post broke the story (White House photograph by Ollie Atkins)


Barry Ford