The Best Moment of RAW (12/28/2015)


This week, we have a special edition of The Best Moment of RAW. A friend of ours, Anthony Iovino, was in attendance for last night’s show, and even made it on television. More than once, in fact.

This was the best instance of that. Thankfully someone made my job easier, and made a gif out of it.

That’s Anthony holding up the sign. Earlier today, someone shared this gif on Reddit, and it has received a surprising amount of comments from dudes jumping at the chance to defend Roman’s looks. Others just jumped on the chance to be mean to Ant.

These three comments got quite a few laughs from our group of friends, and Anthony himself.

  1. I mean, if you’re going to hold up a sign like that, try not to have male pattern baldness.
  2. Looks like Santino and CM Punk had a kid, and little SM Punktino has a chip on his shoulder!
  3. I was there live. The ugliest neckbeard was holding that sign. It was exactly what I expected

That wasn’t the end of Anthony’s involvement, either. After making his return later on in the show, John Cena took off his shirt, and threw it into the crowd. Well, Ant caught it, and threw it back.

This was moments after Cena called Alberto Del Rio a bitch, goading him into placing his US Championship on the line. Throwing the shirt back caused The Doctor of Thuganomics to follow up, grab the microphone, and declare, “even this crowd is tougher than you, dog.” It was a great moment, and for some reason, the WWE edited it out of the Youtube video they put up.

I don’t understand that. Cena handled it like a G, making it work for him, and the segment he was in the middle of. That’s why he’s the face of the place.

On a less self-serving note, I guess I would have to pick the segment where Vince McMahon got arrested as the runner-up for the best moment.

Obviously, I’m kidding. That segment was terrible.

The next best moment of this episode came after the show went off the air, and Roman Reigns stood eye to eye with John Cena.

A little tease to get everyone in attendance wet AF.


PS: If you have any questions for Anthony Iovino about his sign, or why he threw the shirt back, you can find him on the wrestling-based Facebook group that he runs (and more than one of our writers is a member of), “MARK OUT ENTERTAINMENT.”

Mr. X