My Favorite Disney Song

favorite disney song

We at Nerdopotamus have wanted to start a music section for some time. The biggest problem is not having someone to run it. We’ll eventually get that sorted out, and present more music related content.

For now, I have an idea. I’ve been cranking tunes from Disney movies for the last half hour. I don’t give a shit when anybody thinks about that last sentence, either. I love Disney movies, and their music (fight me).

Anyway, I’m going to post my favorite Disney song. I want you guys to hit the comment section, and tell me yours. Then I’ll keep this going, but instead of “My Favorite Disney Song,” the title will read, “(Insert Name)’s Favorite Disney Song.”

Or, you can choose not to respond, and confirm the fact that you don’t like happiness. Whatever. It’s totally up to you. No pressure at all.

FEATURED IMAGE CREDIT: © 1992 – Walt Disney Productions

Barry Ford