Want To See JBL Get What He Deserved?


John Bradshaw Layfield (JBL) was a well-known locker room bully. Nowadays, the WWE is too corporate for that stuff, but the dude was miserable back in the day. Just ask The Miz.

JBL decided to continue this line of behavior at ECW One Night Stand 2005, where he took advantage of the scripted situation, and essentially sucker punched Blue Meanie. From there, he continued to beat on him, busting Meanie wide open.

The Blue One took this issue to the actual front office, and threatened legal action. He settled for a non-title match with JBL, where the former APA member was ordered to job to Meanie. It’s much more of a fight than anything. The two hit each other very hard throughout.

However, it reaches a whole other level when Stevie Richards, who accompanied Meanie to the ring, absolutely obliterates JBL with a steel chair. That’s all Richards, too, by the way. Meanie stayed professional. He didn’t want to get his receipt, so Stevie took matters into his own hands.

If you want to watch the match, feel free, but if you press play, the following video should already be cued up to the chair shot. JBL basically gets murdered.

SmackDown! – 07.07.2005 – JBL vs. The Blue Meanie by FrogSplashGuerrero


Barry Ford