Top 10 Star Wars: Force Awakens Promos

If you’re anything like me, then you’re psyched for the newest Star Wars film. No, I haven’t been able to see it yet (please don’t share spoilers), but I have been rewatching a ton of promos in the mean time.

There was something I noticed both on TV and online. Have you noticed how many commercials there are that have little to nothing to do with the movie itself? I did!

Let’s take a look at some of the most repeated spots for the Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I know this is a “top ten” list, but the following videos aren’t in any specific order. Please enjoy!

#1 – The Duracell Ad

If you haven’t cut the cord yet and you’re still watching prime-time, then you haven’t missed the ad above. You may have noticed what you see at night isn’t the same as the commercial above. Cable cut it down after its first few runs. What makes this ad so special are some of the spoiler heavy images. I’ve said too much.

#2- The Target Ad

#3 – The PlayStation Ad

Perhaps my favorite ad yet, and it still plays. It’s short, sweet, to the point, and cute! It reminds me of all the times I stepped into toy stores as a child gawking at Star Wars figurines. Most importantly, the commercial proves points can be made in thirty seconds.

Alright, alright. It’s really for a video game. It’s also a multi-platform video game, but Sony had rights to specifically advertise it. I’m throwing it in here because I think it counts. It makes us “feel” like we’re right there in the action!

#4 – The Dodge Ad

This car commercial screams bad-ass while capturing the heart of “The Imperial March.” The last line puts a serious grin on my face.

#5 – The Volkswagen Ad

Yea, it’s another car commercial, but it doesn’t need any words! If I were a Passat owner right now, I’d gloat.

#6 – The Verizon Ad

Forgive me, but this ad isn’t doing it for me. It looks and sounds wonderful, but I don’t quite get the point of it. It really feels like Verizon had the license to create something Star Wars related and used the “everything in the kitchen sink” approach. I don’t hate it though. It has SW footage in it, so how could I?

#7 – The SNL Ad

Say what you will, but inadvertent advertising is still advertising. Even if SNL lost it’s magic years ago, a serious collector can watch the above clip and chuckle at themselves at bit.

#8 – The Walmart Ads

Who didn’t expect Walmart to join the fun?

#9 – The Anna Kendrick Ad

It’s another game one, but it clearly helps fuel The Force Awakens ticket sales. Someone asked me if Ms. Kendrick was in the film. Totally worked.

#9 – The Hewlett Packard Ad

Is that Carly Fiorina in the background?

#9 – The Toy Ad

One of the more specific ads this season.

#10 – The “other” Target Ad

We can have a very long conversation as to why this last ad remains the most pertinent. Just watch and you’ll get it!

I hope you enjoyed all of these clips as much as I have. Enjoy the flick everyone.


Barry Ford