The Best Moment of RAW (12/14/2015)


It finally happened. The Roman Empire is upon us! RAW was in the same arena that held the 2015 Royal Rumble. They literally booed Roman Reigns out of that place. Then, last night, that same crowd was hyped to see him win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

As he said on Twitter, he had a complete turnaround. All in less than a year.

Check it out!

To be perfectly honest, I have nothing negative to say about any of this. It worked out. In fact, this was one of the best episodes of Monday Night Raw in a while.

Plus, how awesome was it to see Vince McMahon again? Once Stephanie brought him up, the crowd lost their shit. VKM still gets a big reaction.

How do you guys feel about the dawn of The Roman Empire? Excited to see him holding the highest prize in the WWE? Hit the comment section, and let us know.


Mr. X