TLC 2015 = 3 Moments

tlc 2015

Here’s the thing: this year’s edition of Tables, Ladders, and Chairs was #booty. Straight up. There was one good match, and that was the first: The New Day vs. The Lucha Dragons vs. The Uso Brothers in a Ladder Match for the WWE Tag Team Championships.

Thanks to that demolition derby, we got the first of three moments.

I thought we were in for a show when that happened. Then the second match was Ryback versus Rusev. It pretty much murdered the crowd. Eventually, we got to Kevin Owens versus Dean Ambrose for KO’s Intercontinental Championship.

It was fine. KO lost, which is a bummer. I feel like the IC title had a better future in his hands, but I may only think that because I wanted him to feud for it with Sami Zayn.

With all that said, as a fan of The Lunatic Fringe, I was still pretty hyped to see this.

tlc 2015, dean ambrose
Moment number two (Courtesy of

Finally, the third moment came after Roman Reigns was robbed of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship by The League of Nations. He was fed up. This was the last time that Roman would get screwed. So he grabbed a steel chair, and went to work.

He tore apart Rusev and Del Rio, and then absolutely murdered Sheamus’ back. I mean, look at it. Gross…

That’s not the last moment. The last one came a little bit later. Roman showed no signs of stopping his assault on Sheamus, so out came Triple H, leading an army of referees. It looked as though The Game was able to talk Reigns down, but then the Samoan went wild on The King of Kings

It all culminated with this absolutely vicious spear – your third and final moment. 

In regards to the rest of TLC – you can skip it.


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