Star Wars: Battlefront Real Life Mod In Action

Star Wars: Battlefront is an online multiplayer shooter that currently holds a metacritic score of 72 on PC from critics and a measly 3.2 from users. Still, there is a very active user base and people are obviously still playing the game, at least for its beauty.

It’s been some time that a game has been touted for its “realistic” graphics, and Battlefront currently holds the crown for “most realistic ‘looking’ game.” That’s not a real statistic, as there aren’t scientific polls to back up the claim, but I certainly agree!

If the vanilla game already provides uncanny valleys (images too real for the eye), imagine what mods will do. We recently showed you the possibilities of such mod exploration here. Watch a similar graphical overhaul below in action.

Is it worth splurging on the base game and season pass to enjoy moderately fun online play with gorgeous aesthetic fidelity, or should we stop equating good games with good graphics? I personally don’t know and think the argument will continue to exist for ages. In the meantime, I’ll give the mod a spin.


Walter Winchester