Certified Banger Sunday – Chris Jericho vs. Finn Balor

certified banger sunday, chris jericho, finn balor

Earlier this year, the WWE travelled to Japan for a tour of shows. That included, “The Beast in the East,” which featured another certified banger in Finn Balor versus Kevin Owens for KO’s NXT Championship. That was so good, I didn’t even care that I was still awake from the night before.

Anyway, while the company was in Japan, The Demon also took on The Ayatollah of Rock ‘n’ Rollah!

I was fascinated by that matchup, but I could never see it. All I could do was dream. Then, when I was watching Bryan vs. Balor (Devitt vs. Danielson), I saw the following video on the youtube sidebar.

It’s a banger!

NOTE: This full match has been edited together from multiple camera angles, all shot by members of the audience. It’s very interesting to watch, especially since there’s absolutely no commentary. 

FEATURED IMAGE CREDIT: youtube screenshot.

Walter Winchester