Hello Ladies! It’s Time For a Val Venis Rap

val venis

For those unaware, back during The Attitude Era, Val Venis was a star in the WWF. His gimmick was that of a porn star. It got over, luckily, thanks to the fact that he was doing it during the most ridiculous period of time in wrestling history. Vince McMahon and the WWF pretty much threw everything at the wall, in order to see what stuck, and not lose the Monday Night War to World Championship Wrestling.

Anyway, eventually Val Venis had to evolve, and unfortunately, that pretty much spelled the end for his career in wrestling. He went to TNA for a bit, but that’s really the only high profile thing he did outside of Vinny Mac’s company.

Nowadays, Venis calls himself Kaptain Kannabis, based off his love of marijuana. He also films himself rapping apparently. Check this out. Val Venis drops a few bars, even including some references to his in-ring career, and his perfectly named finisher, “The Money Shot.”



Barry Ford