New Batman v. Superman Trailer is Truly Epic

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The only possible issue I could have with this Batman v. Superman trailer is the fact that, towards the end, I was going through some particularly bad flashbacks to that hot garbage known as “Terminator Genysis.” When I first watched this, I was stoked. Then it hit the two minute mark, and didn’t seem to be slowing down. I was genuinely worried that they’d reveal too much.

All I could think about was that very poorly conceived trailer where John Connor gets shot, and then they reveal that HE’S A TERMINATOR! One of the most important characters in the franchise had his whole world flipped upside down – in a trailer. That’s terrible.

Luckily, this isn’t another movie from a franchise that is clinging to life with everything that it has.

No, this is DC Comics. More importantly, this is “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.”

What’d you guys think? Fully torqued? Hit the comment section, and let us know.

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