The Independent Files – Daniel Bryan vs. Finn Balor

daniel bryan, finn balor, fergal devitt, bryan danielson

Welcome to the first installment of “The Independent Files.” In this series, we will be posting a match featuring WWE wrestlers, but from their time on the Independent circuit. Why post their WWE work, when you can go to the WWE Network? It’s definitely the way to go. The quality is infinitely better than something you’ll find on youtube.

Anyway, onto the match.

For the first entry, we’re going to start with a 2007 bout between Bryan Danielson and Fergal¬†Devitt. In case you’re unaware, they now go by the names Daniel Bryan and, of course, Finn Balor. So yeah, strap in, and press play whenever you’re ready.


What’d you guys think? Isn’t it awesome that Balor came out to “Brass Monkey” from The Beastie Boys? Hit the comment section, and let us know.

FEATURED IMAGE CREDIT: That was the closest I came to finding both Balor and Bryan in the same picture (Courtesy of

Joseph Finnegan