The Best Moment of RAW (11/30/2015)

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This is why I hate Monday Night Raw. They had something going last night. Sheamus went in heavy on giving Roman Reigns flack for his five minute and fifteen second long WWE World Heavyweight Championship (playing the exact same role he played in Daniel Bryan’s story – remember 18 seconds). So much so, it was announced that Reigns would get his rematch from Survivor Series, but instead of TLC, it took place last night with an interesting stipulation: Roman needed to beat Sheamus in less than five minutes and fifteen seconds.

Cool. It got even better when Triple H and Stephanie McMahon raised the stakes, and made it clear to Dean Ambrose and The Uso Brothers that if Roman didn’t rise to the challenge and win in the allotted amount of time, they would all lose their scheduled title matches at TLC.

Are those some actual stakes on an episode of RAW? I didn’t know how to react. I don’t remember the last time I was as invested in an episode of this show. Then the match happened, and Roman won by disqualification. BOGUS!

Absolutely bogus. Everybody kept their shots, and I wasted my time actually caring.

Due to this BS, I’ve decided that THE NEW DAY wins this week’s best moment of RAW. They were on commentary throughout the match between The Lucha Dragons and The Uso Brothers, and it was excellent.


Becky Lynch and Charlotte went out on Monday Night Raw, and had a match. It was supposed to be friendly competition between besties. Then Charlotte went and had herself something of a heel turn. It was the moment that managed to keep Mick Foley on board as a viewer.

Check it out!

Do you disagree with what I wrote? Think there was a better moment on this episode? As always, before you go, feel free to hit the comment section, and share your thoughts on the matter.


Mr. X