Two New DC Comics Games Coming From WB Montreal

dc comics games, batman, arkham knight

Warner Bros. Games Montreal has put out a call for applicants to work on two new DC Comics games that they have on their docket. The studio also developed “Batman: Arkham Origins,” the least well received entry in the franchise. That gives me plenty of pause. See, that game wasn’t bad, but there was literally nothing special about it. They didn’t add anything to the Arkham world, they only took away.

Having said that, I will definitely be playing whatever games they produce. There are special exceptions, of course. For instance, I’ll pass on a Cyborg, or Plastic Man video game. If It’s any of the original members of Justice League, however, I’ll be hyped. I want a good Flash or Green Lantern game. My mind will fall to pieces if they can develop a good JLA game. Imagine that? Think the first Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. Something along those lines, but featuring the vast DC library? Sold!

There’s so much potential.

That would also give the studio a little breathing room. They wouldn’t have that very prestigious Arkham cloud hanging over their heads. After all, that is a very high bar to reach.

So, which DC Comics character do you want to see receive its own video game adaptation? Hit that comment section, and let us know.



Barry Ford