Mick Foley Will Keep Watching RAW

raw, mick foley

Recently, we published two articles about Mick Foley. In them, we covered how he’s been considering giving up on Monday Night Raw, due to how poor the show has been. Last night was it. If the episode didn’t impress, Mick was no longer going to be a viewer.

It would appear that the women’s wrestling is what managed to keep The Micker on board.

Cynics will have you believe he was simply working the WWE Universe, in an effort to keep his name relevant. Other cynics will have you believe that this was all basically pre-hype for his daughter’s eventual wrestling career. Personally, I believe he was genuinely bummed about the state of RAW, and that Charlotte’s heel turn really did keep him hooked.

Looking forward to hear Foley expand on his thoughts during his appearance on Stone Cold Steve Austin’s podcast.


Walter Winchester