Chris Farley as Shrek vs. Mike Myers as Shrek

shrek, mike myers

Not long ago, footage of Chris Farley as Shrek was finally released after being locked away for years. It was a fascinating look into what could have been. In case you don’t know, Farley was originally chosen to voice the famous green ogre, and had even started work on the film. Then he passed away.

From there, somehow, Mike Myers ended up with the role, and he absolutely crushed it. Now, thanks to Youtube user Turd Ferguson (that’s seriously the username), we can compare and contrast both versions.

Which one do you prefer? Hit the comment section, and let us know. It’s obviously Mike Myers, though, right? No disrespect to Chris Farley, but Shrek was one of the defining roles in Myers’ career.

FEATURED IMAGE CREDIT: © 2001 – Dreamworks

Barry Ford