The Ghost of Jim Cornette’s Past

jim cornette

This is one of the funniest stories I’ve come across in some time. All credit to redditor nathanlyttle, who directed me to it by way of a post entitled, “Jim Cornette getting legit heat after TV station posts 30-year-old promo.”

When you click the link, it takes you here:

You need to watch the promo for yourself, because it’s essential to understand how funny the comments really are. See, Cornette, as big a shit head as he is, actually had a great mind for professional wrestling. The business just seemed to evolve, and pass him by. This is a solid reminder of the man’s ability to work a crowd. Seriously, the comments range from furious, to dismissive, all the way to hilarious.

Here is but a sampling of the ridiculousness.

“Wrestling is the biggest joke on the face of the earth just like Obama”


“Oh rednecks never change”

“If you think that’s bad, I heard some Hollywood actor was going around wrestling women too. What a jerk.”

“Look at all the butt hurt non wrestling fans. I love how they say “wrestling is fake, why do you watch it” and yet they’re getting sand in their vaginas from a promo.”

“I never went and watched them big gay men rub there cods on each others anus like dogs a hunching , whats with this loud mouth ? and what is the political point in running this news this angers and disgust me real men would have tared and feathered this ass crust and rode him out of town on a log…..ummm when I was young my father had already worked him self to half to death building homes for rich people and my mother was there scrub lady ,,, they called my mother conner getter cause she cleaned house better then any one in Barbourville Ky I remember as my father aged he was a old man when I was borne not one time did we ever live in Government houseing my father worked until he was 75 years old , I remember getting food stamps they helped out our family a great lot , this man shouldhave been put in jail if I were a judge I would have seen to it that Jim Cornette was heaivly fined or spent time in jail for this insult to the people that used foodstamps people frown on people for welfair ,,, the night my father died from a heart attack they brought us his personal belonging off his body at the hospital from his pocket five dollars in foodstamps I was 13 years old , it hurt me worse then my fathers death because I knew he was old and had worked so hard all his life and was not paid for his labour like a Doctor from India coming to the United Sates would be paid and building there medical card mansions on the top of the mountains of applachia, this son of a bitch if he is still alive should still go to jail for this insulting dissplay really the people of applachia cant afford to allow some one with this cheap charactor to utter a word sometimes silence of a fool is counted as wisdom ,,,, why is this being shown now? and by the way here is foodstamp picture up close who are them mens pictures on the foodstamp? wrestlers?”

That last one, am I right?


Walter Winchester