Captain America: Civil War World Premiere Trailer

Captain America: Civil War could be the”Mini” Avengers film we’re all hoping for, judging by the hot trailer that recently released. Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe should be prepared to finally see what’s been culminating all of these years. Without actually describing in excruciating detail what happens in the trailer, why not click the play button?

Marvel hires some of the best trailer cutters in the business, proving once again that keen-eyed marketing builds hype. The trailer strokes emotional chords in the short few minutes it presents itself and ends with a strong cliffhanger forcing us to want more. I for one don’t want any questions answered from future trailers as that might completely ruin the fun of the next film. Jurassic World was one of the least engaging films I’d seen in a while because of information dumps in every associated trailer. How about TerminatorGenisys spoiling every plot point in its teasers?

In the meantime, some of my personal questions are how Black Panther will be introduced, where’s Ant-Man, and why is Iron Man getting his hide torn off by his “friends” in the finale?

Walter Winchester