Star Wars: Battlefront Realism Mod

PC users often pride themselves in having definitive editions of games. For example, right now Fallout 4 is arguably a much better experience on the PC platform because of its ability to activate “console” commands, adding hours of weird and unexpected fun. There are also premium user created modifications available for download that enhance user experiences and cater to specific needs, like text mods that display better on certain monitors.

Even understanding the information above, I admit I’m surprised PC gamers will soon be able to use a “realism” mod that makes Star WarsBattlefront look as good as a live action movie. Sure, they could be “bullshots,” but we can dream.

The name of the mod is “Toddyhancer,” is created by Martin Bergman, and doesn’t have a specific release date. Battlefront is allegedly stable at 30-40 FPS with the overhaul applied.

Check out the gallery below.


SOURCE: imgur/martin bergman

Daniel Mihailescu