Your New WWE World Heavyweight Champion Is….


True story. Roman Reigns beat Alberto Del Rio in the semi-finals, while Dean Ambrose defeated Kevin Owens, setting up brother versus brother in the final round of the tournament to crown a new WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Real quick: let us never forget why this tournament is taking place: Seth Rollins was injured during a match with Kane on a house show, and he had to vacate the title. Get your unicorn horns up, and wish him a speedy recovery.

Get well soon, Seth! (
Get well soon, Seth! (

As expected, the tourney came down to his Shield brethren. They had a really solid match, going back and forth, over and over, until Roman finally snatched the upper hand and Speared his way to a three count. For a few brief moments, the Roman Empire had arrived. Roman Reigns was the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Confetti rained from the ceiling, and fireworks exploded left and right. It was a sight to see.

Then out came Triple H. He extended his hand for Roman to shake, but Reigns wanted nothing to do with it, and pushed past. Moments later, he hit The Game with a Spear. That’s when it happened.

Reigns stood up, and got nailed¬†with a Brogue Kick. Then Sheamus handed the Money in the Bank briefcase to the ref, who proceeded to ring the bell, and start the match. Mr. Money in the Bank immediately went for the pin. That wasn’t enough, however, and Roman kicked out.

For a bit, I thought The Celtic Warrior was going to lose. Then he hit another Brogue Kick, and pinned Roman Reigns for the one, two, three…

sheamus, triple h, new wwe world heavyweight champion
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