Nerdo Stream – WWE 2K16

wwe 2k16

Ever since we launched, Nerdopotamus has been trying to figure out ways to expand. Live streams and let’s plays have always been part of the plan. Now, here we are. We’ve decided to start with WWE 2K16, because, well, why wouldn’t we? The game is fuego.

If you click play, you’ll see (and hear – for the most part) Joey and Kevin Finnegan, as well as their young cousin Tanner Connors, and friend to Nerdo, Paul Jensen. You should know Joey already, thanks to his written content, but this will be Kevin’s debut. Get to know him, because he’s going to lead this portion of Nerdopotamus, along with Norah, who you’ve already spent some time with.

***** The very first Nerdo Stream is no longer live, but the entire session has been archived, and embedded below! Before you press play, keep in mind, this was basically a glorified test. It’s over three hours long, but there’s a ton of dead air, and standing around, while we try to fix microphones. Thankfully, there is a fast forward button. The most important thing to note is that we created the first Nerdopotamus Championship in WWE 2K16, and Paul Jensen wound up winning it, with the help of a certain Doctor of Thuganomics – and his name is JOHN CENA!!!*****

NOTE: Video link has expired.

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