The Beastie Boys’ First Album is Almost 30 Years Old

beastie boys, licensed to ill

There isn’t going to be much to this article. On November 11th, 1986, The Beastie Boys dropped their first album, “Licensed to Ill,” on the American public. Here I am, almost three decades later, putting together an article about it. I would have had this up sooner, but I only realized today that it’s been over 29 years.

So, in an effort to celebrate the longevity of the B-Boys, you guys should join me in vibing the fuck out to their very first album.

How do you guys feel about The Beastie Boys? Is “Licensed To Ill” your favorite B-Boy album? Or like me, do you enjoy “Paul’s Boutique” the most? Feel free to hit the comment section, and let us know.

FEATURED IMAGE CREDIT: The Beastie Boys at Club Citta Kawasaki, Japan Check Your Head tour (Photo: Masao Nakagami, September 16, 1992)

Barry Ford