Arrow Review – S04 E06 – The Lost Souls

After a bit of a hiatus, we are back in business with the Arrow review!

What's in the box?!
What’s in the box?!

After weeks of teasing, Felicity finally makes contact with Ray Palmer, only to find out he’s trapped in a tiny science prison. You know…a prison you can’t leave because of science. Emily Bett Rickards is the real star of this episode, going above and beyond (as far as alienating her relationship with Oliver) to save Ray as she blames herself for his predicament in the first place.

It was certainly a different side of Felicity than we’re used to. She either a) is a ditzy, bubbly genius or is b) crying and whining. I’d say it was a pleasant change to see her power up to save a friend and ally and to be more than generous enough to set up another member for Legends of Tomorrow. I mean…what?

Vodka for the ladies, whiskey for a grown man.
Vodka for the ladies, whiskey for a grown man.

Ollie invites Felicity’s mother (played by Charlotte Ross) back to Star City to try to cheer Felicity up. Where was Oliver last season they tried this? Regardless, I rather enjoyed this angle of the show as Oliver tries to play host, cook, and loving/supportive boyfriend to Felicity only to have it all blow up in his face. Amell is really coming into his own in trying to make Ollie happier/more upbeat.

His little one liners with Felicity and her mom were great, but the scene that stole the episode for me is Diggle and Ollie bro bonding over the returning hidden liquor bottle that we saw so often in the first season. They upgraded from vodka to whiskey because manly stuff, but it was fantastic to see nonetheless.

Sara giving us her best Bale Batman face.
Sara giving us her best Bale Batman face.

Finally, the badass chicks on the show are still struggling with the normal things. You know: men, emotions, resisting the uncontrollable urge to fulfill your bloodlust by killing mercilessly. Normal stuff. Sara thinks all her training and discipline will help her control the urge to kill. Nope.

There’s really nothing anyone couldn’t see coming here. Much like Thea, she has to kill to keep the lust in check. At the end, Sara leaves to find some answers, I’m sure dropping some bodies along the way.

No way this doesn't end in tragedy.
No way this doesn’t end in tragedy.

Just throwing this in here.


While there were a lot of good performances this week, I think watching this after this week’s Flash left a lot to be desired. So much went down that episode, that Team Arrow releasing Palmer felt almost anti-climactic. Damien Darhk was still just as scary as ever, having Oliver literally trapped in the clutches of death, but he wasn’t quite as scary as Zoom dragging Barry’s lifeless corpse through the streets of Central City. Arrow this week just left much to be desired.



Not a bad showing from Arrow this week, but it just couldn’t compare to Flash. There were some great performances, but ultimately the episode fell a little anti-climactic and really just acted as more set-up for Legends of Tomorrow.