SUPERNATURAL: Is It Time for Lucifer to Return?

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On this week’s episode of “Supernatural,” Sam was spooked by visions of an otherworldly cage. If you’re a longtime fan of the show, then you know what’s up with said cage. For those who aren’t, I will happily explain.

See, in season five, Sam and Dean found out that they were the true vessels for the angels known as Lucifer and Michael, respectively. It provided for some of the most captivating television I have ever seen. The brothers wanted nothing more than to stop the coming apocalypse, but as far as all the angels were concerned, it was their destiny to kickstart the end of the world. That’s the season that the name, “Team Free Will” was coined.

The Winchesters fought evil all their lives, and were now being told by creatures that should’ve been forces of light, that none of it mattered. All they were put on this earth for was to betray each other, and then help end it all. The brothers handled this by staying true to themselves, and fighting.

Sure, they almost gave in.

In fact, that’s one of my favorite moments in the entirety of the series. It happened in the episode entitled, “Point of No Return.” Dean was at the end of his rope, and ready to let Michael have him as his vessel, in exchange for the safety of his brother, and Lisa and Ben. Sam, on the other hand, was down to continue fighting. His brother’s resolve was the only thing that pulled the older Winchester back from – well – the point of no return.

Man, I’m not going to lie: I watched that again when I found the link, and I got emotional all over again. I remember watching the episode when it aired. I thought Dean was going to give in, I really did. So when he winked to Sam, I lost it. I was so happy.

Merely thinking about it brings me back there. That’s how invested I became in Sam and Dean’s story over the course of five years. I couldn’t handle the thought of Dean giving up, and becoming possessed by the arch-angel Michael.

Thankfully, that’s why Adam was brought into the fray.

Towards the end of season four, the Winchester brothers learned that they had a half brother named Adam. Unfortunately, by the time they met him, he had been taken over by a ghoul, who had actually already murdered the half-chester. After Dean shanked one of the higher-ups, Zachariah (seen in the video above), it became plainly obvious to the forces of Heaven that he would not break.

So, they skipped right on past him, and over to Adam. Thanks to a shared Winchester bloodline, he was able to fill in for Dean as Michael’s vessel, allowing for the final battle to take place. In one corner, there is Sam Winchester, possessed by Lucifer, who is on a mission to end his father’s pitiful creations: humanity. Across from him, there is Adam Milligan, possessed by Michael, who is intent on, yet again, ending his younger brother’s reign of terror.

Finally, there’s Dean, who simply wants to save his brother’s soul from the clutches of The Devil.

His older brother’s intervention was actually enough to pull Sam back from the edge, long enough for the younger Winchester to take control of his body, and force Lucifer down into the cage that he was previously locked up in. Michael/Adam tried to stop him, but instead, was pulled into the cage, as well.

Okay, let’s organize. Season four ends with Sam being tricked into springing Lucifer from the cage that he was locked up in, for almost as long as humanity has walked the earth. Early in season five, Sam finds out he is Lucifer’s vessel, while Dean finds out that he is Michael’s. The end goal, of course, being a final battle between the two angels, which would scorch the earth beneath them, effectively setting off the apocalypse.

Thankfully, Sam has his brother, who helps him find the strength to battle Lucifer, and take control of his own body. Soon after, Sam/Lucifer and Michael/Adam plunge into the otherworldly cage that I spoke of, in the first paragraph.

Whatever’s locked in that cage has Sam running scared. Catch up on the latest #Supernatural NOW:

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My natural assumption was that Sam was seeing Lucifer in that video above. Then, I stumbled across this, while reading through the IMDB message boards.

That makes a hell of a lot of sense, Lizzie. After all, he’s really the only one in that cage who has a physical form. Don’t get me wrong, I’d be hyped to see Mark Pellegrino back as Lucifer, but that doesn’t make much sense. They made it work for season six, because Sam was hallucinating. These visions of the cage are very real, however.

This is where things become murky. See, I brought up that Tweet, because The Darkness is actually God’s sister. She came first, and ruled the universe by her lonesome. The Darkness was everything. Then He was brought into existence. He created his arch-angels, in an effort to drive her back, and lock her away. Now that she’s out, she wants revenge.

So, as indicated, it would make a lot of sense for Adam/Michael to be the one trying to communicate to the outside world, from inside the cage.

However, when The Darkness was originally locked away, God forged a mark (the mark of Cain – which served as lock and key), and he entrusted it to his top lieutenant: Lucifer. Unfortunately, the mark began to corrupt him, same way that it did with Dean. This led to the war in Heaven that was so heavily talked about in seasons four and five. Somewhere along the way, of course, Lucifer was able to convince Cain to slay his brother, Abel, and bear the mark. Thousands of years later, Cain passed it onto Dean.

Dean and Amara a.k.a. The Darkness (© 2015 The CW)
Dean and Amara a.k.a. The Darkness (© 2015 The CW)

Given Lucifer’s long history with the oldest, darkest force in the universe, it would also make sense for him to try and communicate from the cage. Maybe he doesn’t want God’s sister out of her confinement, either, and has begun to try and reach Sam, so that he can educate the Winchester brothers on how to defeat her. Who knows?

I’ll say one thing: this development has me back on board the “Supernatural” train. I just hope that the story doesn’t disappoint in the same way that Demon Dean did. That bummed me out.

I wanted Demon Dean to last for a while. I even thought it would’ve been cool if that’s how the show went out. Demon Dean becomes more and more powerful, until Sam has to start drinking demon blood again, so that he can be powerful enough to stop his brother. Just an idea I had.

What do you think, Supernatural fans? Is it Lucifer, Michael, or Adam who is trying to communicate with Sam from inside the cage? If you want, you can also share your thoughts on how the show could possibly end.

Demon Dean vs. Demon Sam was only one of many ideas that I’ve had.


I would like to respond to the comment left on this article. If you scroll down, you’ll see it. I decided not to respond when it was first posted, but I just looked back on this piece, and seeing that comment got me heated.

So, here goes:

  1. You’re wrong.
  2. You’re wrong.

Addressing the first point: did you get lost in Jensen Ackles’ eyes? If so, I understand, but you missed a pretty vital scene. After he kills Zachariah, Dean and Sam are driving down the road. It’s in this moment that Dean explains that seeing Sam was what brought him back from the edge. That’s what they do. They save each other. Otherwise, Dean would’ve said yes to Michael.

That was the whole plan. Dean was at the end of his rope. He made arrangements to protect the ones he loved. That way, he could at least be somewhat at ease with Michael going scorched earth to stop Lucifer.

Addressing both parts of the second point. First: Adam is on Dean, unfortunately. He was used as a backup for Michael, because Dean changed his mind, and killed Zachariah. That was the angels final straw with him.

Second: did you pay any attention? It was part of the plan. In fact, it was part of Sam’s plan. A plan that he had to fight for. He didn’t give up and in on anything. He followed through with a plan he genuinely believed in. He saw a one on one with Lucifer as the best course of action. He knew it was a risk, and he had to hear about it. Remember Bobby and Dean yelling about it?

Then Bobby saw Sam kick all that demon ass in that factory that was bottling the croatoan virus, and he started to turn around on the Sam v. Lucifer idea. So, he told Dean as much. Any of this ring a bell? Then they slaughtered a bunch of demons, and collected their blood, so Sam could drink like 8 gallons worth, making his body strong enough to handle being a vessel for Lucifer. Anything?

I could go on forever, but I won’t. I believe I’ve provided a thorough enough response by now.


Joseph Finnegan