The Best Moment of RAW 11/09/2015

The Brothers of Destruction, undertaker, Kane, Monday Night Raw

There are no words. You have to see this for yourselves. All I have to say is “FUCK YES!”

You can quote me on that.


This week, the second best moment of RAW definitely deserves to be awarded to The New Day, and their promo before the six-man tag team match they had with The Uso Brothers and Adrian Neville. Kofi, Xavier Woods, and Big E were all over AF with the English crowd. The highlight came when Xavier called European magic garbage, which caused Kofi to sound out with, “Harry Potter sucks!”

It was hilarious.

I also have to point out Sheamus and Cesaro. They put on a solid match, while King Barrett did a phenomenal job on the outside, playing the heel. I would actually have to say that this was the best match of the night. New Day’s promo was better than their match, to be honest, and The Brothers of Destruction didn’t wrestle – they destroyed. That’s what they do.

So, there you have it, unfortunately. In 2015, Sheamus was one half of the best match on an episode of Monday Night Raw.


He still looks stupid.


Mr. X