Randy Orton, #RKOOuttaNowhere

If you don’t know the name Randy Orton, or have any idea what an RKO is, then this article is definitely not for you. I mean, that title pretty much sums up what you’re about to see. Strap yourself in for as many RKOs out of nowhere that we can find.

We’ll start with two of Randy’s most celebrated RKOs, and then move on to the ridiculousness.

NOTE: Two of those silly videos might have a lot of repeat RKOs. Watch out for that. 




All right, it’s time to close with some Drowning Pool.

Yeah, that’s right. I hope you’re ready for a shit ton of RKOs, all set to “Let The Bodies Hit The Floor.”

If you know of any better RKOs, feel free to drop a link in the comment section.

FEATURED IMAGE CREDIT: Bo Dallas catching an RKO (Courtesy of WWE.com).

Barry Ford