Original Short Film: “The House”

“The House” is a film about Chris and Eric, who enter into Chris’ grandma’s house, because it is supposedly haunted. Chris’ solution to this was to tell his grandma that he is a medium, and could get rid of any and all ghosts on her property. Click play, and see how that goes for them.

The film stars Nerdo regulars Carlos Rivero, Robert Esposito, and Joey Finnegan, as well as a future Nerdo regular, and Joey’s brother, Kevin Finnegan.

NOTE: This was produced years ago when we were only learning how to make films. There are some clear issues with audio. It was enough that we never really did anything with it, but now that we have Nerdopotamus – why not post it up, you know what I’m saying?

What’d you guys think? Would you see an “Evil Dead II” type sequel to this, entitled “The House 2: House Party”?¬†Obviously it’d be produced better than this one. We’ve come a long way since we made this. It’d cover the events of this flick in a few minutes, in the beginning, and then from there, it’d be about The Devil coming back into Chris and Eric’s life, but only because he’s bored in hell, and wants to party his ass off.

Just throwing an idea out there. Feel free to shoot it down in the comment section.