Certified Banger Sunday – Sasha Banks’ Theme Song

Sasha Banks, The sky'd the limit

I don’t know what it is about the song, but I could listen to Sasha¬†Banks’ theme on repeat, if I wanted. It’s so damn catchy. I’ve also gotten back into working out lately, and I’m not going to lie, this is one of the songs that gets me most amped up to run up and down my front staircase like Desmond from “Lost.”

You know what, since we’re on the subject, Sasha’s theme is not the only song that helps me keep my workout going.¬†There are plenty of others.

For instance, there’s this banger (this is MY JAM).

Oh, and I’m also a pretty big fan of this one. It definitely helps keep my legs moving.

NOTE: Stoked that the picture of Kevin Owens includes the NXT Championship.

Let’s see. There are definitely more.

Oh, the following song used to be a pile of doodoo, but somewhere along the way, they changed it up, drastically improving it in the process.

Anybody remember what that song sounded like when he debuted? It was terrible. The beginning was cool, and then after that, it became something else entirely. Very weird, but I’m glad they changed it up.

Finally, this is the last song I’ll point out from my unofficial workout playlist.


Can’t wait for Sami Zayn to return from injury.

I don’t know if you guys noticed the overall theme here, but I can’t stop listening to wrestling theme songs while I exercise. It works way better than I expected. They’re all pretty quick, and up tempo, so that helps.

What about you guys? Are any wrestling themes on your workout playlist? As always, hit the comment section, and let us know.


Joseph Finnegan