Team Taker vs. Team Wyatt Is Going To Be a Waste

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Why does this keep happening to Bray Wyatt? If he gets even a little momentum, he winds up in a feud that can only end one way: with him losing. The same is going to happen at Survivor Series with the seemingly inevitable Team Taker vs. Team Wyatt, elimination tag team match. It is the 25th anniversary of the original appearance of Undertaker, after all (he debuted at the 1990 edition of that particular PPV).

That’s 25 years of The Dead Man. Does anyone really think that Vince McMahon is going to have him lose on such a momentous occasion? You’re crazy, if you do. It’s not going to happen. They’re building to a return of The Brothers of Destruction. There’s been talk of Sting joining Taker’s team, provided he’s healthy enough. The deck is certainly stacked against Bray.

We all know how much Vince loves to use his legends.

“New stars? Nah. Bring me somebody from The Attitude Era!”

NOTE: When you read that line, you have to do it as Vince, by way of J. Jonah Jameson.

Seriously though, all signs point to this ending with Bray Wyatt laying down for the three count. There’s rumors that this match could even be used to build towards Sting vs. Taker at WrestleMania. I’m super into that match, don’t get me wrong – I just don’t think that Bray Wyatt and his family should be sacrificed at the altar for us to get there.

They keep calling Bray, “The New Face of Fear,” but I’m pretty sure Ryback is the only person he’s beat on his own, in a long time. He beat Roman Reigns, but with the help of Luke Harper. Then Wyatt, Harper, and their new monster, Braun Strowman, all ended up beating Reigns, Dean Ambrose, and Chris Jericho at Night of Champions 2015. Other than that, I can’t recall a single win that he’s gotten in the last year or two.

Though, he did take this blow, and I’d call that a huge win.

Granted, it’s a win for me, and most definitely not him. Shit is incredible to watch. It’s almost hypnotic. Step, step, step, step, THROW!


Look, I am not claiming to know the details of the Survivor Series booking, or anything like that. I’m simply venting. They need to pull the trigger with Wyatt, already. It’s getting ridiculous. His first WrestleMania match was against John Cena. His second was against The Undertaker.

When are the higher-ups going to pull the trigger, and do something that actually cements him as the next Undertaker, or Kane?

Take a look at this promo.

If Bray had won more than three matches in the last two years, that promo would’ve been a huge moment. It would’ve left people actually wondering if the Survivor Series match could be Taker or Kane’s last. Which, in turn, would bring so much more tension to the whole affair.

Instead, we get to sit and wait for Undertaker’s team to get the win. The only time anyone is going to give a damn, is when they reveal the other members of The Phenom’s team. Sting and Finn Balor, or GTFO.

Boogeyman was recently signed to a WWE Legend’s deal, causing people to think he might join one of the teams. Personally, I think he is far too much of a jabroni to be booked in a match as special as Taker’s 25th anniversary. He’s definitely only around to do in-character appearances.

With that said – if they do choose him – I will have to stop watching RAW, and go back to only the PPVs. I’m not trying to live my life with that constant deluge of hot garbage. I already struggle to get through it as it is.

Bring in a jabron like Boogeyman, and I’ll have no other choice, but to….



Joseph Finnegan