Player Customized Fallout 4 Controller

I’m going to admit, I hesitated sharing this. It might just be another divisive post where people take a crap all over this poor person who thought this design was a great idea. Don’t get me all wrong! I think it’s a totally unique controller, even if it wasn’t an actual overhaul, but I see some immediate flaws in it that people might tear apart.

I’m applauding redditor ILikeWhereThisIsGoin for sharing these pictures however. To me this is what passionate gaming is all about. It’s not my favorite design in the world, but as a Fallout fan anticipating the release of Fallout 4, I’m totally sharing in the joy. Live the enthusiasm below.

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Regardless of how the buttons look misaligned and the stickers looking like they’re ready to peel, the overall design is a tight match, as pictured above.

Good for you dude/tte. I love the passion!

If our readers haven’t noticed, we go gaga for custom stuff.

SOURCE: reddit

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