The Big Show Claims ‘Top’ Destiny Record

Most celebrities play video games. Hugh Jackman played World of Warcraft and Ice-T is a Gears of War fanatic. It’s no surprise that people in the media like… media!

Professional wrestler Paul Wight, known in WWE as The Big Show, not only plays video games, he’s really great at them. He’s specifically a wonderful Destiny player and well respected within its community. Bungie, Activision, and Redbull teamed up to send Paul a ton of free gear and energy drinks to keep him gaming all night long.

It doesn’t end there. Big Show also claims his KDR (kill/death ratio) is much higher than most of ours, meaning he has superb hand eye coordination. That makes enough sense to me, seeing as he’s boss in the ring.

You can annoyingly chant him out of the ring, but he’s not going to stop claiming headshots on you all night long. He’s The Big Show dammit.


Daniel Mihailescu