Rapture’s Birthday, Halo’s Flying Tanks, and WWE 2K16 Bug

It’s no wonder why we’re still talking about Halo 5: Guardians. The game raked in $400 million dollars after one week. Even haters have to admit that’s a huge achievement for a game that’s currently being sold on one console – one that technically doesn’t sell as well against certain competition.

To celebrate, check out this GIF of someone using one of Halo’s newest Spartan abilities to make a Scorpion Tank fly across a map.

Bioshock fans should put on their birthday caps because it’s Rapture’s birthday! As someone who absolutely loves Bioshock: Infinite, I’ll be enjoying a nice fat slice of Bioshock themed birthday cake. The cake isn’t a lie.

Courtesy of Communistowl via Reddit

I really wish we could get a WWE game without the same glitches year after year. Reports have been great with the recent 2K16 entry, but you’d think they would have solved the issue below after many years of technological improvements.

SOURCES: Luger33, Communistowl and ChubbyFish via reddit

Daniel Mihailescu