Preacher Trailer is Shockingly Awesome

Preacher’s world premiere trailer was featured during this week’s ninety minute The Walking Dead episode – which was fantastic. The meaty trailer exposes the cruel and ultra-violent world of Preacher.

The trailer begins with a monologue retort to a young man who asks Preacher to kill his abusive father. The profound exchange results in a shocked look in the young man’s eyes when the Preacher delivers a wonderfully written monologue fueled by gritty footage. Indulge below.

The television show to air on AMC is based off the eponymous series of graphic novels, known to be extremely violent and contain controversial ideas. The niche series has found so much love over past decades, mostly by word of mouth, and is published by Vertigo.

Any comic book fans out there ready for the show?

Daniel Mihailescu